"Bring the world together"

"A delicious treat, packed with care,
gifted with love"

Petit Gourmet, which stands for little gourmet, are creations which have deep roots in the love of confectionary. Today, our sweets factories turn out hundreds of our unique recipes around the world. We have come a long way since 2007, but there are some things that have not changed. We still use the finest quality ingredients and we still make everything by hand.

Our Products

“From our premium Baklava and Sweets to our customized boxes and souvenirs, we have a “petit” something for everyone”


Find us at one of these locations

Dubai Duty Free - UAE
Jeddah Duty Free - KSA
Abu Dhabi Duty Free - UAE
Dammam Duty Free - KSA
Sharjah DuFry - UAE
Bahrain Duty Free - Bahrain
Spinneys - UAE
Kuwait DuFry - Kuwait
Waitrose - UAE
Beirut Duty Free - Lebanon
Qatar Duty Free - Qatar
Iraqi Duty Free - Iraq
Muscat Duty Free - Oman
Chennai Flemingo - India
Riyadh Duty Free - KSA
Mumbai Flemingo - India
Bangalore DuFry - India
Hyderabad Duty Free - India
Mozambique Flemingo - Mozambique
Rwanda Flemingo - Rwanda
Laos Duty Free - Laos
Cambodia DuFry - Cambodia
Bali DuFry - Indonesia

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